History – Queen of Angels

Original QofA church

Even before the first church was built, the Catholic community of Port Angeles came together for services. Father Maniouloux is said to have come from Port Townsend to say Mass during the summer of 1890. In August of 1890, the local Catholic community had a meeting after Sunday Mass and formed the Catholic Union Association of Port Angeles. This group, along with the entire Catholic community of Port Angeles, began their search for an appropriate building site for their first church.

The first Port Angeles Catholic church was built in 1891 on Lincoln Street between Second and Third Streets. The tenure of that building as a church was brief and it was sold to the church front & side
County in 1892 for use as the courthouse during the downtown reconstruction period.  By mid-1892 the new church site was chosen; located near where it resides today at 11th and Oak Street.  “Parish” status was established in 1904.  The parochial school was opened in August 1927 with 148 students.  The current church building was completed in 1953.  The original social hall was demolished in 1977 and replaced with the O’Donnell Hall, named after Rev. Luke O’Donnell, OSB.