Stewardship Prayer

    God our Father, help us to be Your Son’s
grateful disciples. Give us the grace
always to recognize your many gifts and to share
these gifts in love of God and Neighbor.
We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen

Queen of Angels and St. Joseph Parishes are communities with a lot to
offer, providing opportunities for the members of the parish to come
together in service to God.

The lay apostolate is founded on faith, hope & charity, and it is through
the diffusion of these virtues that we assist in the mission of Christ’s
Church. Sharing our time ~ through prayer & worship….Sharing our
talent ~ through spiritual & corporal works…. Sharing our treasure ~
through tithing. It is in this way that we become good stewards of God’s
grace, which encompasses the
meaning of the universal call to holiness.

It’s time to explore our own personal journey with Christ: How can I
grow in my devotion to and worship of God? How can I serve God and
my neighbor better? How can I help others to do the same? How can I
support the parish with my gift of treasure? Discovering the answers to
these questions leads to a life filled with great love & joy.

 Stewardship of Time

Stewardship of Talent

Stewardship of Treasure